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Tax Assessment Challenge

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Why Choose Us

We don't just perform appraisals. Utilizing our broad real estate expertise and detail-oriented approach, we solve complex assessment issues for our clients.

We have an in-house team of 9 talented and passionate NYS licensed commercial and residential appraisers ready to assist you today.

Why Choose US


KLW Group has a team of highly motivated and experienced NYS Certified General Real Estate Appraisers and support staff to help resolve your tax assessment issues for commercial and industrial properties.

Our appraisers abide by a strict code of ethics​, and all assignments comply with Federal standards and other oversight agencies as individual assignments dictate. 

To help contest your assessment, KLW Group offers a variety of services to our clients including:

  • Preliminary Analysis - We will briefly assess your situation and communicate to you our recommendation of whether or not to proceed with your assessment challenge.

  • Appraisal - You will receive an appraisal report that provides a credible and reliable opinion of value.

  • Expert Witness Testimony - Our skilled appraisers have extensive experience and training in effective deposition and direct testimony techniques and can successfully communicate and defend an opinion of value during tax assessment review proceedings.



Your property's assessment is one of the factors used by your local government and school district to determine the amount of your property taxes. A property's assessment is based on its market value.

You should check your assessment on the tentative assessment roll each year. If your assessment for your property is higher than the  price for which you can sell your home, you should contest your assessment.

We first recommend presenting your case during your municipality's informal review process. If your assessment is not reduced to a satisfactory level, please contact us prior to Grievance Day (typically the fourth Tuesday in May).

To help contest your assessment, KLW Group offers two levels of service to our clients including:

  • Range of Value - A NYS Certified appraiser will perform an inspection of your home and conduct market area research. Based on these results, the appraiser will provide you with a verbal Range of Value opinion. You can use this information to determine whether or not further action is required.

  • Appraisal - You will receive a General Purpose Appraisal Report (GPAR) that provides a credible and reliable opinion of value that can be given to your local assessor.

Assessment FAQs

To learn more about the property assessment process, please visit our FAQs page to review some Frequently Asked Questions we hear at KLW Group.

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